Anything but Boring: Celebrating Six Years of Partnership with Mawer, our #AllIn2021 Lead Partner

Many of you will be familiar with Mawer Investment Management (Mawer), the Canadian investment firm out of Calgary that has been the lead partner for the CFC conference since 2015.  However, you may be less familiar with the journey Mawer and CFC have embarked on together over the last six years. How did the partnership start? What have we done together? And why is Mawer so committed to strengthening communities? 

Back in 2014, Mawer was invited to attend and present at CFC’s Peer Gathering for EDs/CEOs, a moment where medium and large-sized foundation leaders gather to network and learn. Mawer’s motto to “Be Boring. Make Money™” resonated with the audience of over 20 community foundations, whose important work depends upon wise investment decisions and balanced asset stewardship. 

Since then, Mawer has worked alongside CFC to support community foundation learning as a partner of the Learning Institute and our Lead Conference Partner. 

Andrew Johnson leads a conversation with 
community foundations in Victoria BC at #AllIn2019

Alongside these annual conferences, Mawer has been there for community foundations at various Peer Gatherings and Rookie Retreats, and virtually in webinars. In the early days of COVID-19, Andrew Johnson, an institutional portfolio manager from Mawer, delivered a steadying talk on Managing Investments in Volatile Markets, providing calm advice in an uncertain moment. 

This year, we’re proud to welcome back Mawer as our Lead Partner for the All In 2021 Community Foundations Virtual Summit! They’ll be hosting a session around investing, leading conversations every day, and hosting Bingo (with prizes)! You can register for the upcoming summit here: 

“As we reflect on our work with Community Foundations, we’re grateful. Grateful to witness the contributions locally, alongside the power of collaboration globally. We’re grateful to benefit from and be inspired to be better stewards of our own communities.”

Andrew Johnson, Mawer Institutional Portfolio Manager

“We have loved working alongside Mawer for many years now, and we are excited to have them return as our Lead Partner at the 2021 Virtual Summit. Our shared values and commitment to community make this a very meaningful relationship.”

Dana Decent, Partnerships, Community Foundations of Canada

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Dana Decent, Partnerships, Community Foundations of Canada