Code Of Conduct

Summit Manifesto

We ask you to be mindful of this manifesto in everything you do including how you approach this event, and that we have a shared responsibility to ensure that the virtual event is a safe, accessible and equitable virtual space for all.

Mindfulness: Life has changed and we are all traveling the pandemic journey together. Be mindful we are touched by COVID-19 in similar and different ways.

Share Kindness and Empathy: We are not meeting in person and we share an understanding that connecting via virtual platforms takes more time, care, and kindness. In moments of disagreement we will pause to listen and be curious with the commitment to come to a place of understanding and hold onto the belief that we all come from a place of best intentions. 

Listen Deeply: Come from a place of curiosity and listen with intent while being mindful that people have similarities and differences in experiences, perspectives and backgrounds.

Better Together, Own Impact: We strive to create a culture of effective collaboration across all efforts and we will have open and consistent communications resulting in a strong and connected team. We recognize roles will overlap in various areas and we are mindful to others efforts and encourage shared dialogue in a timely manner.

Encourage Dreams and Innovation: We all have our strengths and shortcomings and enable empathy and understanding of the place others are coming from and appreciate the skills of each other. 

Be Inclusive: Include others with intent of a collaborative approach and make people feel welcome.

Be Connected: Create a sense of community and collaborative culture by honest and forthright collaboration. Step up to help teammates who may face task overload to help when you have the capacity to do so. 

Virtual Terms of Engagement