How To Have The Best Experience

Using Pheedloop

Pheedloop is a virtual event management software. Upon registering for the Summit, you will be prompted to create a Pheedloop login. Your Pheedloop login will give you access to all of the Summit events, as well as bonus opportunities to socialize and connect with others. 

The Pheedloop platform utilizes Zoom to broadcast the event video streams, as well its own custom features and settings to allow for live chats, closed captions, and translation.

Closer to the event, we will be sharing more information about Pheedloop FAQs!

How to Have the Best Virtual Experience

Getting used to using a virtual software as part of an online summit can have a bit of a learning curve, and we want to ensure you’re having the best experience possible. 

All of our content will be available in both English and French, and tech support and facilitation will be provided as needed, however, when it comes to participating in conversations, there are a few things you can do to ensure you and those around you are having a meaningful and engaging experience.

Ensure you have access to a stable Internet connection.

Find a spot in your home, workplace or community where you have a reliable and stable Internet connection. If you live in a rural, remote or otherwise isolated community and require additional Internet support to participate, please email us at

Turn on your camera and microphone, if you are comfortable. 

If you feel comfortable using your camera and microphone during the event, when the option is provided, it helps to create a sense of being in the same room. This will help others on the call feel comfortable conversing, and improve the overall quality of conversation. If your camera is on, make sure to look into the camera, so it feels like you’re making eye contact. 

Use Zoom’s built-in virtual background feature to maintain a sense of privacy. 

If you’re not super comfortable showing everyone your home, use one of Zoom’s virtual backgrounds to cover your own background. For the summit, we’ve built a few custom backgrounds that you can use while participating! 

Custom backgrounds will be available closer to the summit date!

In conversation settings, use the “Raise Your Hand,” “Q&A” and “Chat” functions to ensure you are speaking in turn, and allowing space for others to talk. 

In the virtual world, it’s hard to pick up on body language cues, or know right away when someone else wants to speak. Using the built-in features will let you notify folks when you want to speak, and will help to alleviate talking over one another.

Tech Support

If you have specific questions about getting set up using the platform, please reach out to us using the contact form, below. 

If you are located in a rural and/or remote community with limited Internet access and require additional financial support for Internet access, please email