Advancing Reconciliation Through Investments

by mhassell |

Advancing Reconciliation Through Investments: As a community leader, we appreciate that you carry the great responsibility of reflecting the values of your community through your investment portfolio, including your commitment to Indigenous reconciliation. Join this engaging discussion with thought leaders to learn about how others are doing it, what best practices are, and how you can identify the right investment partner to express your values within the portfolio. This session is built specifically for community foundation board members (particularly Investment Committee chairs) and senior stakeholders, and relevant for anyone interested in advancing Reconciliation and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion more broadly through their investments.

Leith Wheeler’s initial Indigenous client relationship began in 2004. Today, it manages investment portfolios totalling over $1.5 billion for dozens of Indigenous communities and organizations across Canada. An early signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment, the firm takes Indigenous rights seriously. In 2020, Leith Wheeler partnered with SHARE to fund its production of the report, “Energy and Mining Investment: Assessing Accountability for Indigenous Rights in Complex Investment Chains”.