Building a More Transparent, Inclusive and Equitable Financial Future

by Hannah Munshi |

New Power Labs (NPL) is an inclusive collective impact platform to inform, empower and create the financial future we seek.

COVID-19 has brought to light society’s growing inequality, systemic racism, and disproportionate impacts on marginalized communities. It is critical that we find new and inclusive ways to move toward a world in which social and economic prosperity is enjoyed by all.

With bias and discrimination in how capital flows – from philanthropy to impact investing – we have an opportunity to do better.

New Power Labs is a movement with a growing set of partners, working to accelerate access to, and allocation of, capital for those communities and groups often excluded. Our founding partners include: including Marigold Capital, DUCA Impact Lab, Ontario Trillium Foundation and Community Foundations of Canada.

Together, we will discuss the opportunities of each of us to build a more equitable financial future.