The Role of Foundations in Community Wealth Building

by Hannah Munshi |

Communities are economically interdependent and place based and inclusive economies are needed to navigate through COVID and the evolving and cascading impact of inequality and climate. Foundations and community foundations are uniquely positioned to engage at the ground level in communities and work in an inclusive and systemic way across all three pillars: community, business and government to realize our economic, cultural and social potential. Foundations know that the unit of change is community, that capital must be employed to empower and lift communities, and that place-based solutions are needed to create systemic and lasting change. Join a Fireside Chat with Zita Cobb, social entrepreneur and Co-Founder and CEO of Shorefast Foundation; Aatif Baskanderi, social entrepreneur and CEO of The Northpine Foundation and Rudi Wallace, Vice President Grants and Community Initiatives for a deep dive in how together we can explore new community economic business and philanthropic models and contribute to the well being of communities and secure an inclusive, prosperous and resilient economic future for Canadians.